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Your Brand, Your Story

Branding & influencer sessions are becoming one of my favorite types of sessions to shoot. I enjoy working with local Jacksonville business owners, one-on-one to help bring their vision to life so their business can grow and flourish.

In 2021 there is no room to cut corners on having engaging and capturing visuals online. Your online footprint says a lot about you and your business before a potential client even meets you in person. Many times it's the visuals that capture people before they even read the caption. Having professional visuals helps set the tone and expectations of future clients. Great visuals help business owners and entrepreneurs to not only attract the clients they want, but to tell their story. My goal of every branding session is to provide business owners with visuals that give them the foundation they need to visually start sharing their story and engaging their clients.

Now, don't get me wrong; visuals aren't ALL that's needed to attract the right audience. However, having professional visuals is a great place to start in not only telling your story, but SHOWING your story in action!

I enjoy hearing the stories behind the brands. I often ask my clients to list 3-5 words that describe their business or what they want their clients to feel when looking at their photos. When I hear their words and know their story, this helps me capture them in a more authentic manner. I keep these words or phrases in mind while shooting and use them as my guide in how I might direct them during the session to get the images they want.

Your branding session can be what you make it and I am here to guide you and your vision to get the best results from your session with me. Interested in booking a branding session? I would love to work with you. My branding sessions start at $200 and can be customized to fit your needs.

Let's chat today! or check out the contact form on my website.

Sample branding sessions:

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