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Branding: Pretty & Prestigious

Working with Porschia on her branding shoot for Pretty & Prestigious was a great experience. Pretty & Prestigious is a beauty company that sells raw and virgin hair extensions and custom clueless wigs. Honey, the wigs were slaying!

Porschia came to me after she had previously done a photoshoot she wasn't pleased with. Her main concern at the time was that she didn't like the way she looked because of how she had been posed and didn't feel like the photos truly lived up the name: pretty & prestigious.

After hearing how disappointed she was, I wanted to try my best to create an experience she wouldn't forget and one that made her feel her best and gave her the opportunity to show case her brand how she truly envisioned it.

Before the shoot, Porschia and I had several phone calls to prep for the session. This included us talking about the specifics of her overall vision, what models she would include, what hairstyles and clothing they would wear, which wigs she would style, creating an overall theme and color scheme. As always, I love including my digital mood boards to help inspire my clients and get their creative juices flowing as well.

Previous to the shoot Porschia mentioned she was afraid of doing sitting shots and she wanted to shy away from them. But part of my job as your branding photographer is to get you out of your comfort zone. Believe it or not, I got Porschia to do some sitting shots and she loved them! All it took was being aware of her body, the right posing, angles and working my magic behind the lens.

Working with Porschia and her friends was a fun experience and I enjoy when I see women on set having fun, being confident and loving what they do. When the experience is genuine, the results in the photos can't be matched. This is always my goal to create an overall experience that leads to authentic results on camera.

By the end of the shoot I could really see the transformation in Porschia. She went from being nervous and unsure during our initial phone call to embracing the boss baddie she truly was and showcasing that confidence in her photos! I was really proud of her transformation.

Check out Porschia on Instagram:

Also, if you're looking to book your own branding shoot, click HERE!

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