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Be Magnificent Branding Session

When Yazzmine asked me to work with her on her branding session for Be Magnificent Beauty Luxe Brow Gel I was excited. Yazzmine and I have worked together before and I knew this project would turn out great.

In 2020 Yazzmine was one of the first people I worked with to shoot a branding session to help build my portfolio at the time. I reached out to her through email and she thankfully said yes. I am still thankful today that she said yes and helped me build up my portfolio for future businesses and entrepreneurs to work with me.

At that time I was 2 years in and her photo session was one that inspired me and showed me why my photography mattered. I've always been about helping other business women bring their visions to life for their brand and to celebrate themselves. I not only was able to provide her with great visuals to promote her brand, but I surprised myself! I saw my potential in trying to build up my own brand and it gave me the confidence to keep going.

Since then Yazzmine has done a whole pivot in her business (from marketing to makeup artist and esthetician) and is a mom and a wifey! We've kept in touch, and earlier this year we did a collaboration for the Pop Up Headshot sessions. Yazzmine did their makeup and I took the photos. I've learned that we make a great creative team.

For the Be Magnificent Branding session, Yazzmine came to me with the vision of doing something "spa day" inspired and making sure to feature her new product. I don't shoot a lot of product photography, but for some clients I will challenge myself. I am so happy that Yazzmine trusted me to step outside of my comfort zone and get these shots! I was really pleased with how everything turned out and that I was able to really capture her full vision.

At the time when Yazzmine's session was scheduled I had also recently taken a break from shooting and accepting any new bookings. I found myself having a hard time balancing my creative passion and my personal life. After shooting with Yazzmine, I became inspired all over again. ( I also decided my break wouldn't be as long as I had originally planned.) Shooting with her once again reminded me of my mission to work with more women just like her; women who are creative, goal getters, dream chasers who have the true audacity to go after what they want without hesitation. I was doing the thing I loved to do and being in my creative element brings me so much joy.

I am always happy when my clients walk away from a photoshoot with me and see themselves in a new light of confidence. Whether it's for their business or simply to celebrate themselves, I'm here to help bring that vision to life.

I know a photoshoot went well when both me and the client leave feeling more inspired and more joyful than when we came. Those are the vibes I get when I work with Yazzmine, every time.

Support Yazzmine and check out her new Luxe Brow Gel. You can visit her website for more information HERE. You can also follow BeMagnificentBeauty on instagram HERE.

If you're a creative business woman or entrepreneur looking to take your brand to the next level with great visuals, then look no further! I am currently accepting bookings.

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