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Branding Session: IEmbrace Inc.

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

I'm going to start this post off by saying I love repeat clients. But what I love MOST about repeat clients is watching them grow. This couldn't be more true for Kim. I've worked with Kim several times in the last year and every shoot she continues to grow in her own way.

In previous shoots she shot with me for her graduation and for her 40th birthday. But this shoot was all about branding for her nonprofit, IEmbrace Inc. I was so excited when Kim called and asked me to help her bring her vision for her brand to life.

IEmbrace Inc. is a nonprofit meant to help encourage and provide resources for young moms. As Kim and I went through the branding consultation, she was telling me her own story of being a teenage mom and how she was able to take her experience and grow into the woman she is today. Having known her struggles as a teen mom, she wanted to be a guiding light of hope for other young moms. Through donated resources and words of encouragement she hopes to uplift young moms in her local community. Becoming a young mom doesn't have to be the "end of the road" but an opportunity to grow for both the mother and the future child. For Kim she wanted to emphasize embracing every aspect of your journey as a mom.

During the shoot we focused on capturing a young mom and her child and the joy of becoming a mom. I wanted to be able to capture photos of the actual audience she would be speaking too; not just typical photos of her as the face behind the brand. I wanted to show a practical face that people might be able to connect to and see themselves in. We also focused on showcasing some of the available resources I Embrace would be able to provide through solicited community donations.

Another important element to Kim's shoot was having her own children there. Kim is the proud mother of three beautiful girls. Having them be a part of the shoot was important to showcasing embracing the journey of motherhood and where it can lead you.

Shooting with her girls was really fun. I've watched all of them grow up and they each have their own unique personalities that they brought to the photoshoot. But what I also loved was simply seeing generations of beautiful women and their bond with one another. I also loved watching them interact as sisters and the many laughs we experienced during the session.

The session wouldn't be complete without getting a few solo shots of Kim being the boss woman she is! I enjoy the solo shots because through these photos I capture the woman my client is becoming. These photos are to show Kim's audience the woman she is becoming in her life and in her business. It's been a pleasure watching her evolve every photoshoot we've done together.

I am excited to see what's next for Kim and her business!

Ready to show up and show out at your own branding shoot?! Are you ready to tell your story of transformation? Ready to show your audience the confident woman you're becoming? Then click here to book your next branding shoot with me.

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