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Milestone Photos You Should Take in Your Lifetime!

I am someone who believes in documenting EVERYTHING! What better way to document than through photography?! I believe there are several milestone moments that deserve to be photographed and forever celebrated and remembered.

Here is my list of a few milestone photos you should take:

1. Wedding – This one is an obvious one! Who doesn’t love wedding photos?! Who doesn’t love an opportunity to celebrate a couple’s love journey?! Everyone wants to remember their wedding day. Especially for women, this is a big deal. As a bride you want to be able to look back at your wedding photos and remember how special of a day it was. Your wedding dress, the bridal party, the groom, walking down the aisle, the reception, the décor! All of that captured in photos you’ll have forever. Wedding photos also become things passed on to future children and are often hung up in home to celebrate the special union. ( I currently do not offer wedding photography.)

2. Graduation (Highschool and or College) – Graduating is such an amazing feeling. Whether it is high school or college it’s a journey to be celebrated. They both represent an important shift of taking the “next step” of your life. Graduation is a great time to take photos that celebrate new beginnings and hopeful transitions into a new phase of life.

3. MaternityThere is something about a pregnant woman’s glow and I love being able to capture that in a photo. Maternity photos are a great way to not only celebrate the future bundle of joy, but to celebrate a beautiful transition into motherhood. There’s so much natural beauty in a pregnant woman’s body and the ability to grow life within your body. Maternity photos are often used in baby photo albums and would be great images to share as your child gets older.

4. Engagement – Getting engaged can be such a joy! This joy deserves to be captured in photos that celebrate the next step in a couple’s love journey. Engagement photos are a great way to capture the memory of taking the next step to spending forever with the person you truly love. Engagement photos often serve dual purposes as well. While they are a great way to celebrate the couple they can be used for future wedding planning: invitations, save the dates, programs, slideshow at the actual wedding, thank you cards and even Holiday cards! So many uses and reasons to display your love for one another.

5. Family photos – As your family grows, photos are a great way to document the growth. It’s typical people get family photos while they have young kids, but don’t forget to capture those moments even as the children get older and become adults. Sometimes the session in and of itself is an opportunity to create memories or even traditions with your loved ones. ( I currently don't offer family photo sessions.)

Interested in how I can help you capture some of your milestone moments? Click the contact button on the website or email me at to book your next session.

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