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Branding Experience: Sherice

I have worked with Sherice several times before doing her recent branding shoot. I love when I've built trust with a repeat client and I'm able to help them bring their vision to life on more than one occasion.

One of our very first shoots was in 2021 for a lifestyle headshot session just to update her LinkedIn profile and get some nice professional photos. I later worked with her on her birthday shoot, and a Holiday session with her and her daughter. Repeat clients are my favorites as I love building the relationships and watching them grow and blossom as they move through different stages of life.

Sherice approached me and said that she was in the process of making a transition into realty and wanted to do a branding shoot for her new business venture. I love a good brand shoot so I was more than thrilled to help her vision come to life!

Over the phone we spoke about her overall idea, her theme, the type of look she wanted to go for. She mentioned she had been inspired by Rebecca Lynn Pope and wanted a similar aesthetic and overall vibe and feel. From our conversation I was able to create a mood board for visual inspiration. This shoot was going to be very classic but also very boss chic. I couldn't wait to shoot with her!

We talked about several locations. We discussed renting an air b n b, or renting a place on a home studio listing site I follow. We talked about several studios and went back and forth on trying to make sure the location would work for her vision. I was happy when we finally settled on Luxury Point Studios in Downtown Jacksonville.

Luxury Point Studios is becoming one of my top recommended studios. I did a previous shoot at that studio and I knew Sherice would be happy with the set up they had to offer. When we arrived, it did not disappoint and the overall aesthetic of the studio worked so well with her outfits.

Take a look at a few snap shots from her final gallery! Keep reading on to learn more about her branding experience.

It's always a pleasure to shoot with her, but I love that I could tell this was the most confident in a shoot I have seen her. I enjoy seeing the confidence of my clients grow from each time I've worked with them. She had her vision and we worked diligently to make it come to life. She really owned her photoshoot and slayed it! We had fun, but she came ready to embody the confident woman she wanted her audience to see. Even during the photoshoot looking at some of the previews in-camera we both got excited. The moment when me and my client know we've created magic together is amazing. One of the best feelings ever.

After editing and getting Sherice her final results, this branding shoot has now become one of my favorite sessions I've done. I have my list of favorites and this one is in my top 5 since I started shooting branding sessions in 2020. This photoshoot was one of my first sessions to kick off 2023 and it truly was a memorable shoot. This shoot showed me how much my skills have grown since 2020 and it has motivated me to focus more on quality and experience vs quantity of shoots this year.

This was one of the sessions this year that made me upgrade my packages to focus more on experience and building meaningful relationships with my clients and my online audience.

If you're interested in working with me and experiencing your own branding session, then click here!

I would love to help you bring your brand's vision to life and elevate your online visual presence. Click the book now button below and let's discuss your next branding experience with me at Ignited Soul Expressions!

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