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Why You Should Sell Your Experience

When you have a business it's important that you come to realize, it's not just about selling your product or service, but selling the overall experience.

I don't just sell lifestyle and branding photo shoots. I sell the ability to help women embrace a new level of confidence both personally and professionally after they've had a photo shoot with me. My clients may start off shy, or unsure of their vision, but by the end of the session they come alive and lean into a new found assurance of themselves. In my experience many of my clients leave the photoshoot more inspired than when they came.

Your business isn't just about the actual product or service, but the experience your clients have when using your product or service. People buy into your business because of the experience. It's this experience that sets businesses apart in their industries. For example, any photographer can provide a branding session, but not all photographers will provide the same experience. This is what keeps clients coming back and it's what attracts potential new clients.

Here are 5 ways to sell your experience:

1. Start with your website! What kind of vibe does your website give your clients? Is your website easy to navigate, is the information all there and easy to find? Making your website easy and accessible is an easy way to sell the experience. It's usually one of the first interactions your client may have with you, so making the experience of navigating your website tells them a lot about their future interactions with your brand. If your website isn't practical in function, or the information is hard to find and navigate, that could easily turn a client away. The customer experience is key from beginning to end; this includes your website.

2. Build an online community. When you build an online community it creates a place for your customers to do all the work in sharing their experience with you. If you have created a good client experience, your clients will be ready and willing to tell others about your product or service. Online communities are alsoa great space for gathering testimonials. Client testimonials are the perfect avenue to speak to the experience of working with you or using your product. Not only have clients been able to share their experience, but now they have a place where they belong and can find connections of their own. The other advantage of creating a community is that they can also provide feedback that can enhance the overall client experience as well.

3. Simplify the booking or purchasing process. The more you can simplify this process the better. Automation can be a great tool to help with this process. Once someone is ready to buy, they want the process to be as easy as possible. Complicated check outs or booking systems can be a turn off and you could run the risk of the client never completing the process to actual close the deal.

4. Create a customer loyalty program or an exclusive offer. Everyone loves the feeling of receiving something exclusive because they're a loyal customer. Create an offer that's unique to your clients or the community that you've built around your brand. An example might be if you refer a client, then you get 25% off your next purchase. Or, only VIP clients have access to a 101 Q&A session with you about your business. Creating exclusive offers exclusive offers gives clients something to look forward to when experiencing your brand.

5. Create content that showcases the experience. Social media and emails are a great way to reach a lot of people at once. Keeping the volume of your audience in mind, it's the perfect avenue to create content that really shows the overall experience. It can be a behind the scenes reel of shooting a branding session, or before and after photos of a weight loss product. You could record behind the scenes of a coaching session that you offer. This type of content is meant to give insight to the experience of working with you or using your product. However you decide to show the experience, the goal is to show the process, the transformation or the results.

There are more ways to sell your experience, but I just wanted to share a few at a high level.

Stay tuned for more content like this that will be featured in a new program I'm building called: The Brand Suite Experience. In this program you will learn that selling your experience is a big part of creating a powerful brand and MORE. Coming soon. Make sure you are signed up for my email list to get all the exclusive updates and details!

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