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Branding Session: Threaded By Tatum

This year, my focus is to work with more women who are entrepreneurs, creatives and business owners. Through focusing on branding sessions I want to help more female business owners tell their stories through images that showcase more behind the scenes of what they love to do. By showing more of the creative process, raw behind the scenes in action; it helps to engage your audience in a new way that encourages community and creates a greater value for your product or service.

Meet Tatum of Threaded by Tatum

This is what I did with Tatum and her business, Threaded by Tatum. Tatum makes beautiful hand embroidered pieces and embroidery kits with instructions, supplies and pre made patterns that guide her clients through making their own unique embroidered pieces. Tatum spoke to me about the joy she has experienced in creating her embroidered pieces and wanting to share that with others in her community.

When Tatum came to me, her page was already amazing! From one creative to another, I loved the detailing of her page. Her instagram page was highly curated and consisted of a lot of product photos. The photos were done very well and her profile looked flawless. But what I noticed was that there were very few photos that showed her in action, or even showed her face behind the business. This is where I came into play.

When you book a branding session with me, there will be a consultation call scheduled so that I can learn a little bit more about you, your business and how you're already showing up for your audience. Once I understand the basis of where you are, then we can build from there. One of the things Tatum mentioned during her consultation was capturing more images to tell the story behind the scenes. This is what became the focus of her branding session.

Prior to the session, I created a mood board as inspiration for the shoot. The mood board gave a review of her current business and brand and also included the overall vision for the session. It included things like discussing the values of her brand, the background of how she started, listing how she was already showing up, shot inspirations, her ideal clients, etc. Going through the mood board allowed us both to have a better vision of what we wanted to achieve in the branding session.

Most people are nervous about getting in front of the camera, trust me it's normal. But what I did to reassure Tatum and what I've done to reassure my past clients is that I am here to capture you doing the thing you love to do most: your business. Whether that is creating an actual product, or working on providing a service that's the story we are here to tell and I want to capture you in your most authentic way.

For Tatum's session we booked the Cowford Co. venue which fit perfect with her brand's cozy, comfort and creative vibes. In this space Tatum was able to freely recreate what it was like when she creates her embroidery pieces at home. For your branding session I encourage you to pick a space/ studio or venue that best represents your everyday environment of your business.

Overall the session went really well and there were plenty of shots to choose from after the session was over. The shots I captured were able to bring Tatum' vision to life in showing more behind the scenes of her creative process.

Here is what she had to say about receiving her final edits from the branding session: "Thanks again for everything! I have never loved pictures of myself so much (except for the ones from my wedding)! It can be so easy to pick apart my image and have negative thoughts about how I look, but I truly loved these photos and could see the happiness and joy I feel when I am creating. Thank you for capturing that feeling — I am so thankful to have met you!"

Hearing Tatum's words made me so happy to know I was able to truly make her vision come to life and capture a different side of her business. My goal with every brand session is to provide visuals that help tell your brand's story in a way that's unique to you. I look forward to working with more women, creatives and other entrepreneurs like Tatum.

If you're interested in booking your own branding session, visit the website to fill out the contact form and let's chat!

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