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Branding Basics

Everyone is talking about branding these days and how essential it is to having a successful business. There's a lot of information available about branding and if you've felt overwhelmed as a business owner, I get it.

I'm not here to overwhelm you. I want to break down branding and make it simple. This blog is to focus on a few key elements of what branding is all about. Straight to the point, no fluff. Keep reading if you want to learn more.

Key Elements of Branding

  1. Having a clear message: The overall messaging of your brand should articulate the value, results and transformation clients will get from using your product or service. Clients shouldn't be confused about what you do or what you can offer.

  2. Consistency: The more you speak about your brand, the more others become familiar with it. The more you show up and talk about the value you have to offer the more people will be attracted to what you're offering. Consistency is key. Build a schedule that best suits you and your business goals. Being consistent will take you further than you realize.

  3. Creating an experience: Your brand is all about making an emotional connection with your audience. Part of branding is taking them on a journey to get to know you, trust you and then eventually buy from you. In each step you're showing up and being intentional in building a community and a relationship with your audience.

  4. Understand who your ideal client is: When you understand who your ideal client is, it becomes a whole lot easier to serve them. Take time to study your ideal client. This means knowing their pain points, the things that keep them up at night, what they are struggling with, what solutions they are looking for etc. The better you know them, the better you can serve them.

  5. Tell your story: I'm sure you've hear this many times: People buy from you because of your why. People don't necessarily buy the product for the sake of the product, they buy because they've bought into the why behind it. They buy into a service or product because they believe the transformation you're selling through said product or service. If you can share your story of transformation, your story of the passion and purpose behind your business then people will engage with you and buy into your offer. Telling stories makes your audience feel connected to you.

  6. Be strategic: A big part of branding is being strategic in how you operate. Every piece of content has a purpose, every launch has a goal, every blog post is meant to lead a customer to the next step of their purchase journey etc. When you're creating an overall marketing plan, be intentional about what the end goal is. Is it awareness, is it lead generation, is it sales etc. Always remember to work with a strategic end goal in mind.

  7. Presentation: I saved presentation for last because honestly having good visuals, photos, website, logo means NOTHING if you haven't considered the first 6 things above. Visuals don't matter when you can't articulate a clear message or if you don't have a clear strategy on how to serve your clients. But it doesn't mean it doesn't help. So, yes having good visuals is important, but never let the visuals distract you from doing the actual work of creating your overall brand.

If you found these tips to be helpful, I would love to hear your comments below. If you need help building your brand, contact me for additional services. Visit my website and fill out the contact form, or email me:

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