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Behind the Lens: Danni Harris, Portrait Boutique

Welcome back to another edition of Behind the Lens. This time I'm featuring another Jacksonville photographer, Danni Harris of the Portrait Boutique. Check out the interview below to learn more about Danni behind the lens!

How long have you been a photographer: I have been a photographer for a little over 7 years.

Are you self-taught or have you taken formal classes/ training: I am completely self taught with no formal training.

How did you get your start and have you always wanted to be a photographer: I started by taking photos at family events, evolving to family friends and so forth. I didn't know I had a passion for photography until I started over 7 years ago. The family/client's reaction just gave me a rush and fueled the drive.

What kind of photography sessions do you offer? Describe your photography style in your own words: I offer all categories of photography with a concentration on sessions that involve a whole experience which includes maternity, branding, senior and wedding photos. I would describe my style as true to color and moody. Most clients are drawn to me because of the natural skin tones and focus on the subject.

Do you prefer indoor shoots or outdoor sessions: I prefer outdoor sessions

What is your favorite type of photo session to shoot: Maternity sessions When did you open up your studio and what was that experience like being able to own your own space: I opened my studio in January of 2021 and the experience was very tiresome yet rewarding. Giving my clients an option for indoor sessions made the difference in the success of my business.

What current gear do you use: I am a Sony Alpha shooter. I use OCF (On Camera Flash) in some form in all my sessions except newborns.

Is photography full time or a part time side hustle: Photography is currently considered part time since I still work a full time corporate job however, I put in 30 hours a week in my business alone.

What was life like before you got into photography: Life before photography was rewarding but not for my inner self. I focused on moving up the corporate ladder targeting goals to grow and make money but it was all for someone else's business.

What's your favorite editing software:My favorite software is Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop. What other photographers or creatives inspire you to do photography: I don't have a particular artist in mind although the black female photographers in Jacksonville are killing it!

What advice would you give to other photographers who are just starting out: I would tell a photographer new to the industry to concentrate on your craft first. Don't accept jobs like weddings and important events without shadowing with experienced photographers. You don't want to ruin your rep before you even get started by not disclosing your actual level of experience giving clients the option to choose someone else. There are too many milestones that cannot be created so be careful of the jobs you accept early in your career.

If you weren't doing photography, what else would you be doing: If I weren't doing photography honestly I have no clue what I would be doing besides working in the corporate world.

Where can people find you online or on social

Thanks to Danni for doing this blog post and letting us get to know more about her behind the lens. Stay tuned for the next feature!

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