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A Series: Behind the Lens

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

For those of you who have been following me a while, you may remember my IG TV series "Behind the Lens." It was all about who I was, telling my story and what life was like for a photographer behind the camera. It was a way for me to engage with my audience on a more personal level.

Today, I am taking this same idea and applying it to other dope and talented photographers I know! I am going to start using my platform to showcase other creative artists I know and admire; especially ones that look like me. I believe in elevating other black artists and creatives and giving others the opportunity to shine.

I'm kicking this series off with a Q & A featuring local Jacksonville, FL photographer:

Photo Courtesy of: Ava Cloudz

How long have you been a photographer?

For about 4 years now.

How did you get your start and have you always wanted to be a photographer?

Back in 2017 I took a trip to LA with a couple of friends & started snapping photos just casually & I loved how I captured the beauty of LA. My friends were telling me I should take up photography so I thought about it, did my research & started to love the idea. I did not want to always be a photographer I actually wanted to make video games for a living.

What kind of photography sessions do you offer? Describe your photography style in your own words.

I offer location sessions, In studio, Weddings, events, & products. To be honest I’m not 100% sure what my style is. I’m always experimenting so I feel I’m always switching it up.

Do you prefer indoor shoots or outdoor sessions?


What is your favorite type of photo session to shoot?

On location. Gives me the opportunity to find unique places in the city.

What current gear do you use?

Canon 77D with my favorite lens the Sigma Art 35mm

Is photography full time or a part time side hustle?

Part time in hopes to be full time.

What was life like before you got into photography?

Full of uncertainty. Having a creative mind but no way of bringing it to life!

What's your favorite editing software?

Lightroom & photoshop

What advice would you give to other photographers who are just starting out?

Keep shooting! Shoot on your free time. Have your camera with you 24/7 if possible & research as much as you can.

If you weren't doing photography, what else would you be doing?

Making video games or trying to find my “purpose”

Where can people find you online or on social?

Photosbycloudz on IG & Facebook

Stay tuned for more from this blog series. More features coming soon! If there is a photographer or a creative you would like to see me interview, email your suggestion to

Part 2: Ava's Video Interview

Did you know there was a PART 2 to this interview? Click this link to watch the video interview I did with Ava to learn even more about her behind the lens of her business.

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