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The Photoshoot That Changed the Game for Me

While there are several memorable photoshoots from 2020 that I enjoyed, there is one that truly stands out above the rest. In August of 2020 I did a styled shoot at Cowford Co. in Jacksonville, Fl.

This photoshoot allowed me to build my skills, my portfolio and so much more! Before this shoot I honestly struggled owning my confidence as a photographer. It was only this year that I took a formal class on camera and lighting basics. Other than that I had been self taught. After 2 years of pursuing photography professionally, I felt like I was really "behind." I was hoping I would've been further along in my skills and business by now. There were so many local photographers that I admired and couldn't compete with. I was barely producing quality photos I was proud of at the time. Before the Cowford Co. shoot, I had a hard time seeing value in my work.

When I met some of the other photographers at the styled shoot I felt out of place, like I didn't belong. Some of them I followed on Instagram and just knew my photos could never compare. On the inside I felt intimidated, but I also made up my mind to take full advantage of this opportunity. Scared and all.

During the photoshoot, I remember being on this creative high. I felt so at home being around other creatives. It was a great experience to feed off of each other's energy and everyone was able to take away something of value from that session. I was truly in a zone.

After the photoshoot, I was super surprised by my photos. I remember looking through my files and realizing I had found my sweet spot! I was finally able to see my real potential and my real value as a photographer. These photos represented a huge shift in my portfolio and in my photography journey. This photoshoot reignited my creativity and gave me the confidence boost I needed to believe in myself again. These photos showed me the quality of work I could achieve. I set a new standard for myself.

After this I was able to start seeing photography in a new light. It was this photoshoot that showed me I belonged and that I could offer something valuable. Since this photoshoot my skills have consistently grown. This photoshoot gave me hope that Ignited Soul Expressions would thrive in 2020. ( Despite the gloom of corona virus among other things) It gave me hope to stop doubting the gift God had given me to share with others.

XOXO, Alex

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