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Surprise Engagement Session

Couple: Kyle & Jazz

Location: St. Augustine Florida ( Anastasia Park & Historic Fort)

I love working with couples and celebrating their love stories. I was especially excited when Kyle came to me and wanted to do a surprise engagement photoshoot! I was honored to help him celebrate and be there to capture an incredibly special moment.

For weeks Kyle and I texted back and forth to work out the details. We faced the challenge of only being able to communicate through text and not through phone calls so that the secret would be kept between us. We worked on finding the perfect location to figuring out what outfits they would wear. Having been engaged myself, I made sure to tell him to make sure his girlfriend got her nails, hair and makeup done. If you’re another engaged or married woman reading this, then you know! Kyle and I even discussed how he would hide the ring and what would be the “cue” for when he was getting ready to pop the question. I was so happy to be in on this secret!

When the big day arrived, Kyle had convinced his girlfriend Jazz, that they were taking photos to celebrate his 30th birthday, which was the actual day of the shoot. Once they showed up and I started taking their photos, I could tell right away that their chemistry together was genuine. They were so stinkin’ cute! We even had a few people who passed by congratulate them thinking it was an engagement session BEFORE he had even popped the question. Kyle and I assured them it was just a birthday shoot!

I could tell by the way Kyle was looking at Jazz during the photo session that she was the one. It was the same look my husband has given me many times. As the photoshoot went on and I got to interact more with the two of them, I was swelling inside with this secret!

When he finally pulled the ring out to propose, Jazz was caught off guard and surprised. Here she was thinking they were only celebrating his birthday, but they were also celebrating the next step in their journey together. She was in disbelief and couldn’t believe I had been in on the secret as well!

Of course, she said yes and finally Kyle could breathe! Hearing him talk about all the things he couldn’t talk about while planning this was hilarious. It was obvious he had really been putting thought and time into making sure everything was exactly right. Not to mention, the birthday party they had planned for after the photoshoot was also a surprise engagement party to celebrate once they returned to Jacksonville. Two celebrations in one!

Working with Kyle and Jazz was a fun and memorable experience. I connected with them both so much and became a good friend along for the adventure. The session was filled with lots of laughs and smiles. I really got to know and connect with the couple, which is why I love what I do. The more we talked, the more they relaxed and enjoyed themselves, it allowed me to capture them in their natural element.

One thing about my couple sessions is that I’m big on not being overly posed and wanting their natural chemistry to show in the photos. This is mostly achieved through conversation and having them focus on the experience and each other, not me and the camera.

Congrats again to Kyle and Jazz on their engagement!

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