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Photography Studios I Love in Jacksonville

When I work with clients who are looking to book a studio, there are 3 top studios that I often recommend and I have enjoyed using their spaces. My clients and I are never disappointed with these 3 studios:

Bracy Studios

Bracy studios has been my go to recommended studio for many of my clients and they have yet to be disappointed. Working with Bracy is easy, his set up in the space is versatile and he's really nice in accommodating both me and my clients. His space provides opportunities for various background changes, scenery and also varying props that help give your shoot a little extra "pop." Bracy has also become a great friend of mine in the industry over the years as well.

Cowford House

I fell in love with Cowford House in 2020 after doing a styled shoot at their location. What I love about Cowford is that they are a home based studio, and it gives very much at home, everyday vibes. This studio I book for my clients who are looking for more everyday lifestyle type of content. It's a great space for creatives and influencers to get great shots. I also love that we can use both the indoor and outdoor space. It's very cozy and unique. They always have plenty of greenery and the natural light in their sunroom is unmatched! Also I love working with the owner Joanna. Super sweet.

Luxury Point Studios

Luxury Point studio is a recent favorite studio on my list. When I shot there, it was such an amazing experience. The space has a simple aesthetic , but if you get creative, there's a lot that can be done. The all white room with the Florida ceiling windows creates amazing natural light. This space is great for a good "grown woman" "I'm becoming" type of session. Also a great place for a simple and fresh branding shoot.

The hospitality was great and I cannot wait for more clients to book this space.

Which studio will you book with me?

Book Your Session NOW! What are you waiting for?!

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