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Indoor Studio Shooting: Pros and Cons

If you're wondering if you should book an outdoor shoot or indoor/studio shoot with me then this blog will be helpful. This blog post is part 2 in a series of blog posts that explore the Pros and Cons of shooting either outdoors or in studio.

If you haven't read the previous blog post: Shooting Outdoors - Pros and Cons, then be sure to check that out as well. Reading both will be a great way to help you decide which type of session you should book.

Keep reading below to discover the pros and cons of booking a studio shoot. In this blog I include insight that's helpful to both photographers and clients.


  • You can shoot anytime! When it comes to studio shooting, you aren't limited by the time of the day. You can book a studio all day depending on their hours and set up. Where as with outdoor shoots, your time frame to shoot relies on when the sun is out and when you'll catch the best natural lighting.

  • Lighting set Up - Unlike having to rely on natural light, in a studio the lights are already there. Of course you have to have some knowledge of how to work lights or assistance, but lighting is never an issue in a studio setting. You are more in control of your lighting inside than when you shoot outdoors.

  • Props and Set Up - Typically in a studio you have backdrops and props that you can work with to set up different scenes. When you have access to these it gives you a little bit more flexibility in the types of scenes you can create. You can do set ups that are fun and casual, but you can also create sets that are business professional as well. It really just depends on what has been previously discussed with the client and what their vision for the shoot is. With the right props and planning I've been able to help my clients create a unique narrative for their shoots.

  • You don't have to worry about the weather - The outside weather doesn't typically affect the photoshoot inside a studio setting. If it's raining, a session can still happen indoors where it's dry. You also don't have to worry about a client sweating off their makeup if it's hot outside.

  • Most studios have changing areas - There is a designated area for you to change if you have multiple outfits.


  • Don't loose your creativity- When you have access to props and backdrops sometimes it can be easy to loose sight of your own creativity. Make sure you're switching things up. Try shooting from different angles, try shooting with different lighting etc. Have fun and don't box yourself in!

  • Studio Fees - Most studios require a rental fee. It can be an additional charge to the session or a built in fee. Also, keep track of time so you don't go over your rental time and incur any additional fees as well.

  • Limited space. Studios generally don't work well for large groups of people. Larger group sessions are best when done outdoors.

  • Studio lighting - As a photographer, you have to have some knowledge of studio lighting. Shooting in natural light and shooting with studio light are very different.

  • Not all studios are created equally- be familiar with the studio that you are booking. This goes for photographers mostly. If you are recommending a studio to your client (unless you have your own studio), be familiar with the setup and the way the owner operates in their space. Not all studios are set up the same or have the same equipment, props, space etc. Some studios may even require you to bring your own lighting while the only thing they provide is the space and backdrops. Some studios offer assistance, and others do not. Know the studio and know what you and your client are comfortable with.

I'm sure there may be some things I missed in this list, but I hope what I've provided covers the basics for you to have a better idea when planning your next studio shoot. If you have any questions about booking a studio session with me, please feel free to reach out via email:

Please comment below if you found this blog post to be helpful. Let me know if there's something you would add to this list as well, or share your own experience in booking a studio session with me. I love hearing feedback.

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